Life as a UF J-School Student

One look at the Journalism College and instantly I was in love. To say that the UF Journalism school is great would be a large understatement.  My four years here have been filled with tons of valuable lessons I’ve learned. I could easily write a twenty page paper telling you all that I’ve learned, but I’ll keep it to just a couple.


One of the best parts of the Journalism College…well…really in the telecommunication-news program…is that we actually get published online! Getting published is usually a pretty hard thing to do, but UF helps us get our names out there and get published. Personally, I have a few articles on the WUFT website. One of my favorite stories I ever got the chance to do is actually published on the website.



I’ve gotten the opportunity to interview city leaders and cover elections. I don’t think I would have ever gotten opportunities half as great anywhere but here.

As far as the CIMR…it means the Center for Media Innovation and Research. It’s part of the College of Journalism aka the J-school. I’ve never honestly heard it referred to before I actually started this article. As far as I can understand, it’s basically the INC (innovation news center)…aka the newsroom….so if you get confused by the links on here..just know that they’re all to the CIMR.  The Cimr’s description is at the bottom of the page in that last hyperlink.


As far as really cool things I’ve been able to report on, sometimes it’s not how important the person I’m interviewing is, it’s how important the story is to the community.


That picture is from a story I did on pet fostering versus pet adoption. For me, that story was about raising awareness for a good cause in the community. The programs in CIMR allowed me the chance to bring light to this and maybe help save a pet’s life.

The reporting opportunities I’ve been presented have also allowed me to get involved with amazing philanthropic organizations like Dance Marathon.


Ever since I did a story on Dance Marathon my freshman Fall semester, I’ve become involved with it. The Journalism College allowed me the chance to learn about something, become involved with it, and do stories on it to show other people all about it.


The college has taught me a lot. Mainly it showed me that every story has more to it than the surface level story. It can cause people to be called to action, it can teach someone else something, and it can change the way you think about something.  Weimer has provided me with several opportunities both while I’ve physically been there, and while I’ve been away through the CIMR and other online resources.


The Tipping Point

One look at Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, and you can clearly see what he means when he references the title. Gladwell says, “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” A great study of fads, the book not only analyzes fads, but explains why they take such a hold on society. If you’re looking for a brief summary I’d suggest the article I just linked to. It’s by the NY Times & it’s a really quick summary of what the book is about. I’m not here to really summarize the book. I want to get into what it means to me.

The book is based off of three rules: The Law of the Few, The Sickness Factor, & The Power of Context.

The Law of the Few:

This part is broken up into three parts… 1) connectors 2) mavens & 3) salesmen …. to break it down for y’all here it is…

First off, we have your connectors. They have a, “special gift for bringing the world together,” according to Gladwell. It’s the one of your friends who is friends with all different types of people in all social circles & statuses. It’s the person who brings everyone together.

Next up we have your mavens. A maven is your friend who always find the funniest videos first.

This is the kind of person who gets you the newest information first. This friend spends countless hours searching through stuff on the internet & probably know about what’s the newest information before it even hits Buzzfeed.

The last type of person we’ll talk about is the salesman. Basically the name is self explanatory.. This person makes you want things.

The next thing in the book is The Sickness Factor. Basically that just means how memorable whatever is being promoted is. A lot of times, humor is involved to make things more memorable. Take Drake Bell’s tweet for example. He said that since Kim & Kanye named their baby North West…he’s going to name his kid Taco Bell. This both was super memorable (sickness factor) cause it was super funny & a great promo for Taco Bell. Since Drake Bell is a celebrity with a ton of twitter followers, he can also be considered a salesman archetype.

Gladwell also discusses The Power of Context…this basically means that you’re influenced by your surroundings. He references the bystander effect in this section. He also asserts that the maximum amount of social relationships a person can have is 150. Basically from what I understand, The Power of Context means that you’re influenced by the culture that’s shoved upon you. It influences you and makes you the person you are today.

When you combine all these things: The Law of Few, The Sickness Factor, and The Power of Context, you’ve basically got the different parts that successfully make up a fad, make it popular, & make it work within society.

No matter what your archetype, you’re important when it comes to his theory on how fads are sold.  Since the book was written in 2000, it’s WAAAAY more applicable now. Word of mouth has become KEY in the success of many organizations. Just look at how companies pay celebrities to tweet about their products on twitter.




My friends > yours (part 2)

Okay…here’s the second part of the much loved rant on my friends/classmates.


Okay…so I’ve never met her…but… this girl right here is a SUPERSTAR!!! I’m OBSESSED with Dance Marathon & that’s what her whole blog is about. Dance Marathon is such an immensely rewarding organization! I’m about to dance for my fourth year and I couldn’t be happier or more excited!!!

Next up… we have Jessie. Jessie’s blog is all about movies, so if you’re all about having fun on a Friday night (not going out), def check out these reviews. Like this one on the new Thor movie! Whereas I wouldn’t usually be super about Thor, this review made it sound kind of interesting…

Finally we have a blog I can really get into. It actually kind of goes along with what I’m talking about in my blog! Ashley can pik out my outfit anytime I’m going out! Just check out how she dresses. Seriously…it’s so cute! She talks about  different outfits for different occasions & could totally help when I have socials


Hope you love my classmates/friends they’re super awesome!


My friends > yours (part 1)

So….I’ve definitely given you a lot of information about me. This entire blog basically gives you a ton of insight into my everyday life and the kind of people I’m around (lol it’s such a joke), but in all seriousness the people I’m taking this interactive class with are pretty darn amazing & now I get to brag about them.

Let’s start with my boyfriend Adam Pages. If you are a sports fan you’ll be obsessed with him! His blog focuses on Buccaneer football. He’s super into ESPN and March Madness and all that guy stuff that you may be into. If you’re a girl who wants to understand what her man’s talking about, or if you’re a guy who actually is into sports, be sure to check him out. Not to brag, but he’s kind of a big deal. From his amazing bracket, to how great of a teacher he’s been to me about sports, he’s your go-to guy for everything sports….and if I ever want a fun night..he’s pretty good at dates too…like driving 45 minutes out of the way to take me to Sonic cause it’s my second favorite (I gave up Taco Bell for Lent)  and taking me to the movie I’ve been not so subtly dropping hints to see ❤


Okay…moving on…. There’s a girl in my class named Stephanie who has a rather eclectic blog. One of my favorite of her blog posts focuses on an amazing accomplishment!! I’m always super for my classmates doing amazing things with their lives 🙂


The last person I’ll talk about in this blog is one of my best friends in this entire world. Clint Holzapfel is one of the funniest, best friends I could ever ask for. Even though he’s WAYYY better at cooking than I could ever hope to be, I can still show him up when it comes to …. umm…. … when it comes to… …actually I’m not quite sure what I’m better at than he is… I mean are you kidding me?!?! He actually an make this?! ugh…I should probably learn a few things from him… Anyways he’s totally super cool & super fratty!!! HE JUST GOT YONI TO PLAY AT HIS EVENT!!!!!!!! He’s basically my hero. He’s in Kappa Swag…I mean Kappa Sig…meaning..basically a bunch of my guy friends….


Anyways until next time ❤

Big Girl Problems (Digital resume)

Eventually you may find that you’re doing this horrible  great thing called graduating…or you just may be applying for an internship, or a job, or whatever. Anyways, you’ll probably need to have a resume. One of the best things about being involved in a sorority was definitely being involved in so many things (trust me they look great on there).  Here’s mine Dana Winter.

How NOT to behave on a date function…

Hello lovelies! My first date function of the semester is tomorrow night!!!! I’m sure most of you have either already had your first one or are about to have it.  In any case, with that and crush parties and what not, I realized that you probably aren’t aware of how to act like a normal, functioning member of society. To help you, I’ve both used (the love of my life) Jimmy Tatro’s video (if you don’t watch him regularly start doing so now) and my own loving advice.

To start your night off well you’ll want a steady buzz. At this portion of the night DO NOT BLACK OUT. I repeat DO NOT BLACK OUT. If you do, you’ll be the girl who never made it out the door and you won’t be in any of the cute pictures. That doesn’t exactly sound like a fun time now does it? If there is going to be a bar at your date function you should probably figure out if it’s a bar tab or a cash bar (ew). This variable lets you know if you need a flask. Once you’re at the date function, you’ll have plenty of time to dance, or whatever you’re doing. 

Here is what you’re not doing.

You will NOT be dancing on the tables.  Imagine with me for a second that the table breaks while you’re on it (trust me I’ve seen it happen). Do you want to be remembered as the cow who broke the table? I think not. 

Do NOT ignore your friends the entire night. No friends = no pictures and no fun memories. As we all know pics or it didn’t happen & if you’re not making memories, you’re making a huge mistake.

Do NOT be that annoying girl who makes a scene in front of everyone. I really don’t think any explanation on this one is necessary.

For further instructions on how to not be a social mess, please watch the video by the lovely and super gorgeous Jimmy Tatro below.


Happy Single Awareness Week

In case that didn’t answer all your questions about boys men, I’ll be sure to try to do so now.  With National Single Awareness day only 4 days away, it may be time to stock up on the Ben & Jerrys, get a few chick flicks, & plan your perfect night in if you don’t have someone in mind to spend it with.  If you’re not as my best friend Michelle says, “all up in your feelings (also known as having Drake syndrome),” you should probably just go out and find a Valentine at the bar.  Since I’ve been in all three of the situations (having a guy, having Drake syndrome, and not caring) I’ll give you little guides for each to help  you through this year’s Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day whichever is applicable to you).

1. You have a guy to spend Valentine’s Day with.

Yay! You have someone to spend the world’s cheesiest, fake holiday with! Here are a couple things you may want answers to before you get too excited. What are the two of you doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you going out to dinner? Are you going to cook? Is he getting you something? Are you getting him something? Are you going to do something you saw on Pinterest? Will it turn out? What are you wearing for him? Are you two sleeping at his place or yours (aka do you need to clean your room)? And here’s the one that gets me every single time, what do you get him? Every time I’ve had a boyfriend, or a serious guy that I’m interested in, the question of what I actually get them always perplexes me. Guys are the hardest people to shop for on the planet. You want to get them something that they’ll like, but you also want it to be something you don’t mind.  Last year I gave my Valentine a belt (because his current one was hideous) and a cute button down. If I was to have that same Valentine, what would I get him this year? A picture frame could be a step back and if you’ve already made him one, you’re out of luck. If he has a nice wallet, or if he likes the one he has, you’re also out of luck.  Personally, I’m not comfortable with picking out cologne for guys, so that’s not an option for me, but if you’re good at it, go ahead. He probably already has everything he needs. This is where a little scheming comes into play.  You may have to look back to old text messages to find something he asked your opinion on (that’s how I generally do it).  Once you find whatever it is, you’ve got this in the bag. The only problem then is, are you over-doing it? I am a great gift giver (not to pat myself on the back, but really I am). I always out do myself and it can sometimes be overwhelming if I’m not careful and sometimes this can be a little bit intimidating, so it may be best to either warn the person in advance (that’s what I generally do), or tone it down a bit until you find out what they’re doing.

2. You plan on celebrating Single Awareness Day in true Ben & Jerry fashion

So you may not have anyone that you’re seeing romantically. It’s okay. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Guys are way more trouble than they’re worth anyways. Your game plan for this Hallmark hell holiday is quite simple. Go to the store. Pick up at least two different types of ice cream. Get chips. Also, while you’re at it, get those super bad for you yummy gummy bears you’ve been eying. Then get a couple movies. I personally recommend a rom-com and an action movie. That way you have something to make you cry & then just get to watch a bunch of hot guys running around shirtless killing each other (basically no plot & no attention span needed just hot men).  If you’re feeling social, call up some girl friends and all of you can watch movies, drink wine and cry together. You know, they say there’s strength in numbers and there may be something to that saying.

3. You are single & loving it

You may just be my favorite type of person. You’re single, ready to mingle, and not caring that it’s the one evil day of the year planned to make everyone not in a relationship feel like crap. Go and get a super hot dress. Once you’ve done that, make sure you have the perfect heels to go with your dress. Next I would advise calling up your best friend and planning sure your outfits wont clash.  I also advise going and picking up a bottle of wine because clearly your bestie will be your Valentine and you two can get ready and drink it together (clearly the best decision you’ll make all night). Let’s recap really quick. You have wine, you have your best friend, you have a cute outfit, and you’re all ready to go, now just go out. Once you’re out you won’t feel like the last single girl on the planet (even though instagram, twitter, and facebook state otherwise). Chances are, everyone else at the bar is single too! This is a great opportunity to make new friends. Although generally a drunk make-out sesh is equal to a sober handshake, you may want to stay a little classy tonight and set your sights on one guy (rather than 6 or oh I don’t know 10). Meet your guy, get some drinks, make sure your friend isn’t alone and sober, and enjoy your night because who needs a relationship?


There you go. That’s my survival guide for Single Awareness Day (or week as is happening where I am). Follow my guide and I’m pretty sure you wont completely screw it up.